Giving back “socially and athletically” is an integral part of the SBI business model: Sport Business International has decided to get involved by teaching the SBI approach and concept to young people (8/18) as well as sporting elites and amateur and professional competitors.

Sport Business International is therefore offering the “Master your game” training through tennis or golf free of charge:

  • For young people, it becomes a dynamic program on leadership in life and decisive empowerment;
  • For athletes and competitors, it’s a unique and effective approach for mental & emotional reinforcement.To this end, in 2002 Sport Business International created the “SBI Fund”, which is wholly financed by Sport Business and does not receive any outside subsidies or financial assistance.

A Spotlight on the International Sports Betting Market

Sports betting has become a truly global phenomenon, expedited by new communication technologies. As a result, the event of deviances, from match-fixing to money laundering, has accelerated. This new reality has varied implications, for each the regulation of this billion-dollar industry and the very integrity of sport, sport funding and gambling operations.

Written by an international team of academic researchers and industry professionals, International Sports Betting explores the central ideas of integrity and deviance, governance and policy. Still as perennial problems linked to the gambling sector, like regulative responsibilities and the fight against gambling addiction. Unlike different treatments of the gambling industry, the book offers a multi-disciplinary social science and managerial critique that goes beyond a conventional focus on law and regulation.

This is fascinating reading for any student, researcher or practician operating in the areas of sport business, international business, international regulation, policy studies or gambling studies.

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